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Case Studies & White Papers

Scaling Your GTM Strategy with Outsourced SDR Services

A whitepaper that focuses on the challenges faced by organizations in scaling their go-to-market strategies, and the potential benefits of outsourcing sales development representative services.

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Revenue Operations:
Aligning and Accelerating Business Growth

This white paper delves into the concept of Revenue Operations, its framework, implementation, benefits, and real-world case studies. 

White Papers

GoToMarket (GTM)

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An Interview with Common Goal System's VP of Business Development Sales & Marketing, Joe Granda on why they decided to outsource their SDR functions.

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How a Fractional CRO/VP of Sales Transformed a Healthcare SaaS Company

How a Healthcare SaaS Company overcame some of their challenges by using a Fractional CRO

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IT Services Company Aligned
with SDR Systems Group

Driving Growth Through Seamless Outsourced SDR Partnership:
A Case Study of an IT Services Company's Success Story

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Transforming Sales Performance:
A Fintech Software Company Case Study

How a multinational technology company specializing in financial software improved their sales performance

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Relationship Management Between Outsourced SDR and BDR

Why an OEM company hired a third-party entity to manage the relationship between an outsourced Sales Development Representative team and their Business Development Representative team.


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Utilizing Revenue Operations Data to Drive Business Expansion

This Fintech Startup struggled to optimize sales, marketing, and customer success, resulting in inefficient processes and missed opportunities for growth.

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