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An Interview with Joe Granda, VP of Business Develpment

Why Common Goal Systems decided to outsource their SDR's to SDR Systems Group and the results of the partnership



Common Goal Systems, a privately-owned company founded in 2001, specializes in the development and marketing of Internet services tailored to the educational sector, with their inaugural product, TeacherEase, being introduced for the 2001-02 school year. Since 2004, the company has consistently maintained profitability, and in 2006, they launched SchoolInsight. Presently, their services cater to more than 1000 schools, 50,000 teachers, and 500,000 parents/students.


What Challenges Have You Encountered With Your Phone Outreach Campaigns?

“Time is a challenge for all of us. We needed to have people we trusted making phone calls on our behalf because we didn't have the bandwidth to make the outbound calls and outreach to potential prospects."

How Did SDR Systems Group Help Common Goal Systems? 

“SDR took the time to work with us to train the designated callers to have the expertise to respond to the questions in a dynamic manner in a complex education software market.

We were able to call and A-B-M emails to a significantly higher number of prospects. And we did this in a way that well represented our firm.

On a regular basis, we adjusted messages based on calling feedback from the SDR reps to help us be more effective both from an appointment-setting perspective and pipeline management perspective.”

How Easy Is It To Work With SDR Systems Group?

"Extremely easy. You take excellent advice and input, as well as provide guidance based on previous experience with other clients. It Makes for a collaborative partnership that strives for success."

How Do You Feel About The Outcome Of Working With SDR Systems Group?

"We were able to build our pipeline into new market arenas that were unreachable without SDR’s support. We will continue to do so to help us with our growth objectives long term."

JOE GRANDA, VP Business Development of Sales & Marketing

Joe Granda of CGS.png

"SDR has learned our business and learned to adapt and be a part of our business objectives and align with business needs. Not a cookie-cutter provider. The level of professionalism is what makes SDR special and represents Common-Goal in a very positive way. Gets results with hard-to-get meeting prospects."

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