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In-House or Outsourced?

When it comes to choosing between an in-house sales team or an outsourced sales development team, time and money are key factors. While the decision depends on your company's specific needs, let's compare the costs of in-house versus outsourced SDRs.

Ultimately, the goal of sales is customer acquisition and consistent revenue. Hiring either in-house or outsourced SDRs ensures a healthy sales pipeline. Use our SDR Cost Calculator to determine your expenses per lead and meeting, and download our Tips & Tricks Checklist to reduce your cost per lead.


Outsourcing your SDRs offers several benefits over an in-house team:

Outsourced SDR teams are more budget-friendly compared to in-house options. They have access to costly equipment and technology, saving you the expense. Additionally, they arrive fully trained, eliminating the need for training costs and time.

Working with an outsourced SDR team allows you to quickly adjust your workforce according to your company's goals. Whether you need to launch a seasonal campaign or adapt to changing circumstances, you can easily scale your SDR team up or down.

Reduced Time to Market:
For startups, time is of the essence. Outsourcing your SDR team enables a faster market entry as they require less ramp-up time than recruiting and training an internal team. Moreover, their extensive prior experience can be leveraged to your advantage.

Focus on Closing:
By outsourcing your SDRs, your internal sales team can concentrate on closing deals. An open-ended and flexible partnership with the outsourced team allows your sales team to tap into their knowledge and insights.

Lower Risks:
Outsourcing sales operations significantly reduces your risk. A fully staffed and targeted outsourced SDR team provides dependable support for your sales efforts.



Salary and Benefits:
SDRs typically earn an average of $74,000 per year, but don't forget to consider training costs, taxes, benefits, and administrative expenses.

To enable your SDRs to excel, you'll need various tools with annual costs. Here are some examples:

  • Hubspot: $14,000 for 10 users

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: $1,100+ per user

  • Keap: $3,500+ for 10,000 emails

Other Costs:
Additional expenses include job postings, conducting interviews, and salary negotiations. On average, the hiring process alone can cost around $4,000 per new hire.


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