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Sales Enablement Consulting and Execution

We've been helping B2B companies optimize SDR, AE, AM, and CSM strategies since 2018. Weʼre dedicated to understanding the models, metrics, and motions that deliver scalable growth. Along the way, weʼve worked with both enterprise and SMB tech companies helping them build more pipeline, win more deals, and expand more accounts.

Below are the steps organizations should follow in order to prospect in an account-based motion.


According to SalesHacker, over 80% of companies report running an account-based sales strategy.

To us, account-based sales is a unified sales strategy in a multi-decision maker environment that generates revenue through personalized prospecting and value-based selling. In order to run effective account-based sales companies first need to understand how to effectively prospect.

Below are the steps organizations should follow in order to prospect in an account-based motion.

1.) Identify Target Accounts

  • Apply rules combined with AI to map territories and rank accounts

  • Automatically score and prioritize accounts

  • Sort contacts by accounts to focus your efforts

2.) Select Optimal Contacts

  • Score and prioritize the best contacts for each account

  • Easily import new contacts connected to target accounts

  • Add to our AI-driven playbook

3.) Update Contact Information

  • Our tools recommend the optimal phone number to increase contact rates

  • AI recommends the best email to maximize response rates

4.) Build Your Playbook

  • Engage prospects at the right time and with the right method

  • Standardize your sales process across the organization

  • Monitor and track the best activities for each contact

5.) Understand Your Prospects

  • See contacts' interests and shared network

  • Review news & notable events for target accounts

  • Understand the competitive landscape


Email and Social Outreach

We provide the new standard for email sales prospecting and engagement tracking, providing the most accurate insights into multi-recipient actions, forwards, and attachment downloads.

Personalized Emails and LinkedIn Outreach

Deliver attention-grabbing emails to prospects along with LinkedIn outreach campaigns that increase sales activities up to 10x.

Email Tracking

Email engagement data allows us to respond to motivated buyers at the right moment, improving sales effectiveness. We track multi-receipt opens, forwards, clicks, and attachment downloads, improving engagements.

Video for Email

Simplify complex sales messages with emails that resonate with more buyers by embedding and tracking prospect engagement with videos, product demonstrations, and attachments.

400 Prospects

Included from our researched database.

Business Meeting




We begin by listening to onboarding, sales, and customer success calls. We analyze emails. We run text analysis of chat bots. We work to ensure that prospects are not being qualified too quickly; and that the right questions are getting asked to identify key elements like whether or not they are a decision-maker.


We then use best practices to design the best model for you based on our assessment. We design and architect a system that will include the right tool stack, processes, and content map to enable growth.


The next step, training, is then done either live onsite or remotely through a webinar, depending on your needs.



In order to run effective account-based sales companies first need to understand how to effectively prospect. To accomplish this, we coach you on how to use the training day in and day out. This ongoing training happens week after week and month after month.

Account-based Sales
Social Outreach
Team Meeting



A Complete Training System


Our complete training system covers all customer-facing roles and creates one common language and learning path. Say goodbye to flavor-of-the-day and mismatched training programs that confuse your learners and negatively impact your culture. Our comprehensive training system helps you build high-performing business development, sales, account management, and customer success teams.


On-site training includes real-world stories, exercises, and applications. Teams walk away with the tools and confidence they need to make it happen.

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