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Outsourced SDR Program

SDR Systems Group Outsourced SDR program allows you to implement an ABM program in two weeks. Shorten your time to revenue by hiring seasoned SDR professionals at a lower cost, shorter ramp time, and no benefit costs. 

SDR Is a Revenue Generation Company Not a Lead Generation Company

Business Meeting


Database/List build-out included
Seasoned SDRs are no longer entry-level highers
SDRs attend all meetings and set warm handoff to start the call
Project Manager offers one point of contact
Weekly Reviews

We focus on both ABM and Inbound Marketing for our lead generation programs.

We help companies use inbound marketing, account-based marketing, and sales enablement to improve lead generation rates.

We create a marketing strategy focusing on a single, critical metric that aligns with the business.

We also create a lead management process to ensure that we are converting and nurturing leads to opportunities. 

Acquire, nurture, and engage: Objectively qualified leads

ABM and inbound marketing to attract and convert qualified leads
Retention Strategy Building effective campaigns to improve customer acquisition and retention
Content and Engagement Strategy Educate, inspire, and build interest post-conversion
Full-funnel Analytics Marketing automation software gathers data from user and customer activity across the entire funnel
Marketing Goals Set monthly goals around website traffic, prospects, leads, and customer acquisition
Behavior-based Email Marketing Send appropriate communications based on behavior, activities, and interests
Data Strategy Use data intelligently to drive decision-making.

Lead and Prospect Insights Enrich and expand insights to drive better prospecting and lead generation.

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