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LinkedIn Strategy Consulting


SDR Systems Group can help you increase your social selling if you lack the time and resources to find a serious lead using LinkedIn. SDR Systems Group SalesConnector platform allows you to reach the right persona with the right message at the right time.

Our approach is comprised of 4 key steps

Business Meeting


Fully managed
A low-cost entry point to meet new prospects
Custom messaging
Focus only on the conversations that make sense

Step 1: Zeroing in on your ideal prospect.
We will work with you to narrow down your new prospect search and show you the best strategy to hook people in.

Step 2: Reaching out
We know you have better things to do than sending out messages all day. Don’t worry, we will take it from here! Our technology will help us lay the foundations for you by contacting your prospects via LinkedIn and sparking engaging conversations with them.

Step 3: Nurture
Building relationships and developing rapport takes finesse. Our team will help you create strategic messages that are personalized to fit your personality and approach.

Step 4: Make the Sale
Now that we’ve brought them to your front doorstep invite them in for a virtual cup of coffee and wow them with your pitch! While you work your magic in meetings, we’ll continue to organize your leads and keep your newly filled pipeline pushing forward.
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